Wednesday 12 February 2014

PDF Converter

Have you ever needed to convert PDF's to AutoCAD drawings? 
Or a PDF to Word, Excel, Image, Power Point, Publisher, Open Office or HTML.....

I found a pretty cool tool that can do all that for me.
Able2Extract PDF Convertor

I do a lot of power point so being able to convert whole Word documents into text box's automatically into a pdf format saves me a lot of time.

The conversion to AutoCAD tool allows you to take a PDF and convert it to AutoCAD.
I tried this out as we often have use for such a tool, and I was surprised how well it works. 

To try it out I use a PDF drawing I created using Revit (my house reno), converted that PDF to a AutoCAD format. It works great, it even put the relevant objects onto assigned layers!

You can select either the whole document or do a selection box of items you want, or just like in Word, use your mouse to select portions of text. Not bad!

You can download a free 7 day trial or they have the option to buy a 30 day license (which I thought was pretty cool) or the full version.

While I was checking out their website I also downloaded the free tablet app. Now I can convert PDF's on the go!  

"Able2Extract Mobile for smartphones and tablets is a Free, lightweight and easy to use app for creating and converting PDF documents. Available on Android and iOS, users can create PDF from MS Office documents and convert PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more"

Check it's pretty versatile!


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