Monday 24 February 2014

Must read articles on BIM

Two interesting articles I recently came across.

5 Tech Trends transforming BIM/VDC
From energy modeling on the fly to prefabrication of building systems, these advancements are potential game changers for AEC firms that are serious about building information modeling. 

This article talks about the 5 tech trends that are currently impacting BIM and how we design.

The complexity of the application of BIM can be reduced by dividing it into 4 phases. A better understanding of these phases would help professionals achieve smoother implementation, since this requires more than BIM software tools and IT knowledge. It is not just a software tool but a working methodology.

Jonas Salih writes a blog called BIMhow. In this article he writes on the 4 steps on the Implementation of BIM. Jonas blog also has available a white paper on this topic.

Check out these articles, they're very interesting. Click the links to take you directly to the articles.


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