Thursday 28 November 2013

See U and AU 2013

I'm off to Autodesk University again this year.

I typically go to AU every year as I find it's a good opportunity to network directly with people in the AEC industry from all over the US (and the world) and also with Autodesk employees. It's good to make those kind of contacts ;-)

I also get to catch up with some good friends...although this year quite a few have bailed on my for various reasons and not able to make it to AU this year. :-( 

I get to catch up on some training, talk to the "high level" guys like Steve Stafford, David Light, Scott Sheppard, Shaan Hurley, etc... I check out the technology previews, talk to some of the vendors and bring back a bunch of swag.

I also gather as much material as possible on every session on AEC, I can quite often "recycle" and modify some of these sessions for training the tech staff back at the office as well as bring back ideas on new processes or software to improve our workflow.

This year I'll be focusing on Healthcare, workflow and QC processes as well as collaboration tools. I have volunteered to be a AU Mentor as I have attended AU for the past.... 7 years now.. I think? I'll be attending the networking lunches as well as the BIM Managers luncheon, heading up to the CASE party. I really enjoy the Keynote address at the beginning of AU, especially listening to Carl Bass talk about future technology.

Hope to see you there...
I'll write on my badge "RevitJedi" if anyone wants to connect with me.
I'm a 6' Aussie dude in a suit!


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