Wednesday 20 November 2013

Autodesk Apps and Podcast

I was just searching for the Autodesk University App to download and came across a bunch of podcast I didn't know about!

There are podcast on the Autodesk Learning Channel on "Smoke" , Maya" and... 3Ds Max, that's the one I'm interested in...

If your using any of these programs check out what Autodesk Learning Center has to offer from the iTunes App Store, there's even a app for learning Revit!

 Anyway... I found the app for Autodesk University. I used the one from last year and found it very helpful so I'm looking forward to using it again this year.

The AU app allows you to view event schedule, explore class schedule, find social events, it has a map, allows you to check into classes, share photos and comments as well as see what other people are doing and much much more.

If your going to AU check it out.


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