Monday 5 August 2013

Revit to Showcase

I just found this great document by DCCADD on importing Revit models into Showcase.
It explains how to bring it into Showcase via 3DsMax in a way that you can work with the Revit materials as well as explore design options.

It will take you step by step through the process, really one of the best instructional documents I've read in quite some time...

Here's an image of my model in Revit, realistic Visual Style.

Aghhhh.... it takes soooo long to bring into Showcase!!!!

This is what it looks like in Showcase with a background and Ray Trace.
Looks great but is slow and clunky on my laptop....I'm sure with a powerful desktop it'll perform much better.

One benefit I do like is being able to change materials in Showcase...

There is a direct export from Revit under "Suite Workflows".
The document explains how to use both methods of importing into Showcase.

Not sure if we'll use is as typically when presenting were either doing it from a laptop or "remoting" into a computer....We'll see...


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