Monday 10 December 2012

Why are my Graphic Options greyed out?

Ever came across this problem!

The graphic options are greyed out and not accessible!

Found this when one of our Revit Users couldn't change the interior elevation from Wireframe.
With some help from a couple of the guys in my office we found out what was causing this issue.

I initially thought it was a View Template issue, then phases, worksets....I looked everywhere!
It ended up being caused by a CAD import!

One of the site CAD imports had AEC objects, it was saved using AutoCAD Architecture which uses AEC Objects. We also had another issue with this site plan where it would shoot the model out into space when doing a Zoom Fit! The file was stripped out prior to linking into Revit but the AEC objects remain and one of them could have a point off in space associated to one of the blocks.

What we had to do was open the problem CAD file in AutoCAD Architecture, export it to AutoCAD (the flatten tool in ACA doesn't do the job adequately), then if the problem persists start exploding blocks until you find the one that has a point off in space. Dont forget to minimize your CAD layers as well!

I was amazed that one cad file can cause so much grief!

Thanks to my Jedi's for helping me out on that one!


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