Thursday 13 December 2012

Project Chronicle

I've just been creating training videos using a new application from Autodesk Labs called Project Chronicle.

Project Chronicle is currently in Technology Preview so it's free to use from Autodesk Labs. Project Chronicle allows you to create training videos with Audio which also include a timeline of actions. 
I haven't found any bugs in it so far and I've created a series of training videos ranging from 6 to 11 minutes.

Project Chronicle allows you to record actions (workflow) in your Autodesk product such as AutoCAD and Revit. It will capture your screen along with Audio if you choose, it also displays along the bottom a timeline that highlights when you clicked on a tool etc.
Like so:

The Videos are then posted on the Chronicles web site under your Autodesk log in profile and you can choose whether you want the videos to be public or only accessible through a link which you can email or embed.

I'm going to include the links in the course ware I use when instructing.

Check out Project Chronicle on Autodesk Labs: where you can download the program that allows you to record the video and audio.

And check out the Chronicles web site to see how the videos work.
What a great idea!

I look forward to seeing how this developed when it graduates from Autodesk Labs.
One function I hope they include in the released version is the ability to export the video into other formats so I can load the video's and include them as files with my training material.

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