Wednesday 14 November 2012

I blogged recently on "Working Smarter Not Harder" with an emphasis on "getting tooled up"!

Have you ever noticed when a contractor pulls up to a work site he often had a number off tools at his disposal, quite often I see them pull up an enclosed trailer with all their equipment in it.

This stuff isn't cheap!... Would probably explain why they have a security system attached to the trailer. These guys don't mind spending $$ on purchasing tools that enable them to do a job faster, easier and better than the next guy.

When I was a kid I'd follow my dad around the work sites (he worked for a large home building company) and I remember the carpenters only using a handsaw and a hammer to pound nails! And I'm not THAT old!... No I didn't help Noah build the Ark!

Nowadays if you don't have the right tools at your disposal your not going to be as appealing to your potential clients. Yes I can build a house only using a hammer but it's far more efficient to use a Nail Gun, with the time saved, maybe I can build the Gazebo my wife wants!

So here are some suggestions on what software is available to you to add to your utility belt, much like having the right Lightsaber... or a number of Lightsabers, like General Grievous in the Clone Wars... but I digress....

  • Get the Revit Extensions available from the subscription center.
  • Download free software available on the Subscription center such as Impressions
  • Download additional tools from Autodesk App Exchange
  • Keep a folder of Websites that provide Revit family content
  • Follow blogs, in particularly mine ;-). A wealth of knowledge from smart guys like What Revit Wants, The Revit Kid, Simply Complex, Between the lines and It is Alive in the Lab
  • Access Autodesk 360 for Rendering, Green Building Studio
  • Check out what's coming down the pipeline from Autodesk by signing up for Lab's.
  • Check out what your Reseller can offer you, most resellers now offer add in tools to their clients. 
Most of these tools are free (if not all) or are available through Subscription.

Get tooled up!


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