Monday 15 October 2012

Hide at scale courser than...

Why don’t my Section Markers show up on my Site Plan? You may ask!!

Well, here is the answer!

Under the Instance Properties of the Section (pick the line of the section to see the properties), you will find a little known parameter called; “Hide at scale courser than” where you can select a scale from a drop down list.


Depending on the scale you select will determine whether or not the section marker will be visible or not. For example if you select 1:100 and your site plan is 1:500 you will not see the Section Marker, if you select the scale to 1:500 the section marker will now be visible on your 1:500 Site Plan view.

Remember this is an instance parameter, you will have to adjust the “Hide at scale courser than” scale for each section marker that you want to see.


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