Tuesday 27 March 2012

Revit 2013 What's new

No point in me re-creating the wheel.... there are so many blogs out there now on the new products it's amazing.... and difficult to filter through...!

I watched the Autodesk media summit earlier today which was quite interesting, it was a general overview of Autodesk direction some new features etc... nothing too specific. I would imagin there would be WAY too much to pack in if they went into too much detail.

David Light has done an excellent job of summarising what's new with Revit 2013 and I highly recommend you visit his site to see what's new.


I will probably start blogging about the new features as soon as I get the software (probably by mid April)...

For those of you who will be attending my BIM User Group meeting on the 4th of April, we'll be going over the new features of Revit (Architecture, MEP and Structure).



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