Monday 5 March 2012

Line Pattern Vs Line Styles

Here is a clarification on the difference between Line Patterns and Line Styles and where they belong in the Scheme of things Revit.
Line Patterns:

Line Patterns are the style of line (or, Line Type if you are  familiar with ACAD) that you can assign to a Line Style.

You can create Line Patterns by selecting the Line Pattern icon as shown on the left.

Create a New Pattern and give it a descriptive name. Fill in the Pattern Properties chart using Dash, Dot and Spaces 

Note: you need to end with a Space and you need a space after each Dash or Dot segment.

Give descriptive names to your line styles, this will make it easier to identify.

You can vary the length of each segment and use any combination of the three to create your Line Pattern. 

The Dot's do not require a value as they are all drawn at 1.5 points.

The value given to the Dashes and Spaces are the printed lengths regardless of the scale that your view is set too. Revit will manage your linetype scale (ACAD term there!) for you.

Line Styles:

Now you have created your Line Pattern you can now assign this to a Line Style.

Select the Line Style Icon under the Additional Settings drop-down and create a new Line Style, then from the Line Pattern drop down you'll be able to find your new Line Pattern you just created.

Don't forget to also assign a line weight to your new Style as well.

Here is the Line Pattern I created applied to my new Line Style. This Style works for both Model Lines and Detail Lines.

Create the Line Styles you need and include them in your template.
You should only really need to create a new Line Styles only when it's Unique to the specific Project.  


  1. is it possible to create a line type with triple line . as in u draw a single line and it shows 3 lines at once...

  2. That's a great question... I suspect not as the code to write line types does not include a "Vertical" offset.

    However I'm sure there is a work around and someone like Harry at "Boost your BIM" could probably write a script that could achieve that. Check out his blog and pose that question to him.