Wednesday 25 January 2012

Curtain Wall in a Wall

Just a quick tip on inserting a Curtain Wall into a Regular Wall.

When embedding one wall type into another wall you can use the Cut Geometry tool to easily cut one wall out of the other wall.

Here's how.....

In plan view draw the wall you want to embedded on top of your Host wall (it's not really a host though!). In this case I have drawn a Curtain Wall on top of a Masonry Wall.
You will receive a Warning stating that the highlighted walls overlap. Revit then suggests you use the Cut Geometry to embed one wall into the other.

Note that if you do this with a Storefront type wall it will automatically cut out the Host wall.

Flip to a 3D view or a Elevation then select the Cut Geometry tool.
Pick the Host wall then the wall to cut with...

Then your done.....


  1. A curtain-wall type definition allows also to define an "automatically embed" parameter.
    In that case, the curtain-wall is automatically embedded in the wall.

  2. Thanks Jean-Paul...

  3. If a curtain wall is embedded in a composite wall as a window, and the wall needs to wrap ( exterior) at the insert, any solutions?

  4. That's what Windows are for.
    I really haven't looked closely into it yet...I think it's because a window is a hosted by the wall whereas the curtain wall is not hosted, it's cut into the wall.
    But I have to ask why is using curtain walls in place of windows popular? Build a window family then you can schedule it..

  5. Try creating the opening first using a wall opening family, and then insert your curtain wall, this will allow you to wrap at insert due to the wall opening family.

  6. May the Force be with you Friend!

  7. I love the curtain walls too much because these are different from others.