Wednesday 31 August 2011

Design Options Graphics

So if you have ever done a design option you'll notice that the Design Option Set is lighter than the main model.
This makes sense, right? you want to be able to see the difference between the two. The shaded main model highlights and draws your eye the design option.
However I found that when I printed my sheets the light lines of the main model were too light, and if these sheets were copied (I was using 11x17) you would loose them altogether..... not what I want!

So I searched everywhere on line and looked under every setting I could find including Visibility Graphics where you would expect to find no avail.

Finally... I thought.. Ok, what's related to design options.... hmmm. Phasing!

I looked at the phasing dialog box and the options there and I noticed that under Graphics Override for the Existing Phase Projection lines are set by default to grey.

So I overrode the override and changed it to a black line with a line weight of 3.


So now I finally have design options that print clearly and can be see from across the room.
I'm fine with the fact that the main model is a similar weight to the design option.


  1. I'm guessing this only worked because the other part (the grey part) of your building was in the previous phase to the design option.

  2. G'Day Luke, thanks for your comment.
    I didn't create any phases for this project, just multiple design options.
    I'm thinking that by default Revit uses the Existing visibility filters for the main model when viewing Design options....which makes me wonder... if I create multiple phases and manipulate the visibility graphics of each phase if they'll display correctly when combines with Design Options...I'll have to give that a try and see...

    Cheers, Scott C

  3. Thanks for informative post. I am pleased sure this post has helped me save many hours of browsing other similar posts just to find what I was looking for. Just I want to say: Thank you!

  4. I was having a similar problem but in a 3d interior view. The main model is halftoned or underlayed when in a design option. There is a setting somewhere in revit that controls this but i can't find it.
    Workaround: Go to Manage - Additional Settings - Halftone / Underlay - Brightness (change to 100) default setting is 50.
    be sure to change your settings back after you are done.

  5. For Design Options within Phases... The solution I found is to set the Visibility Graphics override - Design Options Tab for each individual VIEW to what you need to show on the sheet.
    Then on the "Active Design Options" drop down list at the bottom of the screen to "Main Model".

  6. Further to the above, The VG override is in the PROPERTIES of each floor plan/3D view/elevation/section etc....this will "fix" each individual view to show the chosen option...
    Combine this with the "Phasing" section in the same properties and you have full control of what you see in each insert into a sheet.

    (after doing this, changing the "Active Design Options" will not allow you to swap between design options, but you can still switch between normal view and highlight the chosen option parts)

    1. Set up Phases and Design Options.
    2. Create the different views you need to show all phases/options.
    3. Change the properties of each view to show phasing and design options required.
    4. Add the view to a sheet.