Friday 24 November 2017

Changing Perspectives: BIM as a Virtual Community

Changing Perspectives: BIM as a Virtual Community

 We are all familiar with using BIM to report on the information it stores; passive data. In the very near future, data will be used to inform designs with the help of advancements in generative design, software algorithms, and robotic construction; active data. There is no doubt that our current information management processes are going to have to change if we hope to leverage this co-creation capability.

  • Have you always viewed BIM as a means to an end? What about BIM as the beginning?
  • Is the current macro perspective on BIM serving us well? Or is it inhibiting innovation?
  • What if we consider the BIM process, from the very beginning to the very end, as a virtual community? A community in which everyone in the process is an active member and the information stored in that community is also an active member.
  • Shouldn’t we all be responsible for making the virtual community better? Don’t you want your community to outlive you?

Come join us December 7th to hear government, business, academics, and students share their perspectives on BIM. Be prepared to have your perspective changed!




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