Tuesday 29 August 2017

BIM User Group?

Are you a member of a BIM user Group?

I was instrumental in starting our BIM user group in my region as things progress we transitioned the group to Facebook and hold a yearly networking session. 

I'm a great supporter of these types of gatherings as they can be a fantastic opportunity to share information, knowledge and provide an opportunity to network with industry peers.

Here are some links to some Canadian BIM User groups.

The success of these groups is typically the result of a few people who rely on the support and attendance of you, the audience and ultimately the recipients of the benefits of these groups. 

BIM Groups are an excellent way to expand your network and knowledge base.

Support your local user group, whether you're new at BIM or a seasoned expert. Share your experiences, talk about your project challenges and participate in your local BIM User group.


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  1. and in Montréal/Québec/Gatineau for a couple of years now, in Français s'il vous plait...