Saturday 18 March 2017

I need a 3D printer

I need a 3D printer.. and here's why..

I struggle to justify the outlay of $$ for a 3D printer... What am I going to use it for? 
It's really cool, and I want one... but what would I print that would justify the cost? 

I now have a reason... My dog broke her leg. (Awwww)

Gigi in a cast.
 Aside from costing me a fortune! I have to go back to the vet regularly for check-ups of the cast. Now with any cast fiberglass cast there are a number of instructions you need to follow to care and maintain your cast including:

  • Dont get it wet... so you cant bathe or go outside if it's raining (or in this case, pee on it).
  • It smells... your limb is encapsulated for the duration, typically 6 weeks. and it doesn't get any fresh air.
  • It doesn't get any smaller...although your limb will atrophy so you'll need to replace the cast.
  • You cant take it off (easily) to check any wounds or scratch an itch.
So hence the need for a 3D printer!

I'm no stranger to casts, had a few myself and I expect I will need more in the future (I typically go 7 years between incidents requiring a cast).

So being able to print myself a cast at will could save myself a fortune! 
I know when I've broken a bone, I knew when Gigi slipped and fell while jumping into the back of my car that she broke her leg, the distinct "pop" also gave it away.

I could have used computational design tools to assist me in designing an appropriate cast specific to her needs, using my phone to 3D scan her leg and applied a hinged removable cast to her broken leg. 

Now, all I have to do is justify the purchase to my wife... ;-)


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