Tuesday 20 December 2016

Merry Christmas... and the future of BIM

Hi all, thank you for following my Blog, I hope you find the content valuable. 

This Blog has evolved over the past number of years, mostly due to my own development. It initially started out as a means to share Revit training tips and has since evolved to focus on BIM overall, the process and impact BIM has on the AECO industry. 

It's evolving further to include tips and information on leadership and management techniques and how to effectively lead a team, tips I think everyone can use regardless of their position. 

BIM is all about collaboration and sharing information, whether that's data, conceptual design ideas, or ways to improving a process, we all want to improve how we work together.

Working together can be challenging, both working as part of an internal team, working with outside consultants and even working with the client themselves, all have their own set of unique challenges.

Our industry as a whole has unique challenges, traditional process are colliding with the demand to improve on how we design and construct buildings. Technology plays a huge part in improving that process, we have to look at ways on which how we can improve the process one step at a time to achieve greatness.

I hope 2017 brings you adventures and success in your challenges.

Merry Christmas.


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