Friday 18 November 2016

5 Tips in 5 Days - #5 eTransmit

      Using eTransmit to share the model
The Transmit tool enables you to copy the Revit model and its dependent files to a folder for sharing with the consultants. This can be done without opening the project. There are a number of useful options as part of the Transmit functionality.

The Transmit options include.
  • Selecting files from Revit Server
  • Linked files will be included but not actively Linked, these will need to be re-linked upon receiving the project
  • Cleanup of the project including options to Upgrade, Purge as well as options on inclusion or exclusion of sheets and views.

You can save these settings for use next time you use the Transmit function.  

If you do not have the Transmit tool on your Add-Ins pallet you can download the app from the Autodesk App Store.

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