Tuesday 9 August 2016

Exporter tool by RTV Tools

I dont often promote a Revit add-in or specific tool, mainly because I need to try them out and form my own opinion first before writing a posting promoting the product. 
I also dont want to appear biased, but when I come across a product or service that stands out I feel obliged to share my opinion!

Recently we've been looking for a specific tool to help us automate the creation of PDF's, DWG and a variety of other outputs for a large project. I looked into a number of applications and decided to try out RTV Tools, Xporter pro.

I love it!

Not only the application but also the service and support from RTV Tools. these guys have been great at providing support, training and solutions to our needs on this project.

Some of the specific tools weve been looking at and now using are scheduled tasks such as exporting, print to PDF, all remote task processing.
Some additional features include:

  • Bulk Sheet edit parameter data;
  • Import and Create Sheets from Excel;
  • Bulk update Sheet Revisions and export Revision and Cloud data to Excel;
  • Batch File Upgrader including Family, Project and Template files.
If your looking for a great Revit add-in tool check these guys out. 
I've been impressed in their service and the tools they provide.

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