Monday 14 December 2015

Seasons Greetings 2015

If your able to take some time off this year I hope your able to spend it with family or friends.

It's good to take a break from work to recharge and reconnect, give BIM a break for a little while anyway ;-)

I'll be back blogging again in the new year...

Some things to keep an eye on for 2016 (Revit 2017).

BIM is moving towards being all about data management, from the information we put in (rooms, spaces, equipment, materials etc) to the info that can be pulled out in many different ways for many different uses. “Data Mining” is the next evolution of BIM and if you want to keep up you'll need to be at the forefront of Data management in BIM.

Direct to Fabrication, incorporating elements in your model that will be able to be sent directly for fabrication, this in conjunction with prefabrication... POW! (that's my batman move)

Computational Design.... Really, this is just the beginning of the computers taking over the world.

Enjoy the new Star Wars Movie "The Force Awakens", good to see Han Solo back.

See you in 2016... enjoy.

Oh, and if your south of the equator, look out for those six white Boomers!

Boomer and Gigi

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