Monday 26 October 2015

Being an Outstanding BIM Manager - 1

1.     Business Development and Direction

Examine how and where BIM can improve your business opportunities.

Advancing the BIM Agenda in your firm
Talk to the decision makers and present to them the benefits and capabilities of BIM.

How can we educate our clients to take advantage of our services.
Be a part of the initial project process, talk to the clients about what BIM can for the benefit of the project. Make the promotion of BIM a marketing opportunity for your firm.

Business opportunities utilizing BIM
What opportunities are out there utilizing the power of BIM; QTO, Visualization, Marketing, AR, VR.... etc....

Through the adoption of collaborative delivery practices, project outcomes are enhanced through the alignment of the goals of the project team and early involvement of all members of the project team.

Things to consider when establishing your BIM project are:
  • Who should be included in the team
  • Establishing principles of trust
  • Methods for enhancing effective collaboration and information sharing
  • Ensuring team success through successful collaboration
  •  Establishing project team decision making process
If you are not in a position to educate the decision makers start at a level where you can. 

Start with your peers, introduce them to new tools and features they may not be already using, you will quickly be known as one of the “go to guy” in your office and this will elevate you to a position where you will have an influence on those around you where your comments will be heard and given the proper consideration they deserve.

Next time you have the opportunity to speak with senior staff mention how aspects of BIM can be utilized for the benefit of the project. For example next time you’re in the elevator with a partner or project manager mention to them ways that the model and be utilized for the benefit of the company or the project.

Plant the seed….

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