Monday 17 August 2015

Not everyone needs to be a Revit Rock Star!

Not everyone wants to be a rock star, some team members are quite happy keeping their head down and do the work assigned to them and they have no desire to take on additional responsibility or step out of their comfort zone. These are my “Steady Eddy’s”, team members who focus on getting the work done!

And that’s OK!

Not everyone needs to be a Rock Star!

It’s your job to recognize these individuals and guide them to be the best they can possibly be (or want to be), some individuals are goal oriented achievers, whereas others will make it quite clear to you that they have no interest in taking on responsibility, they just want to do their job, and do it well.

By recognizing this you can adapt the direction you are “encouraging” each of your team members. Don’t try to push someone to be a “rock star” who is not interested, it’ll backfire on you and end badly. By understanding each team member you can gauge how best to utilize their skills and how comfortable they would be stepping out of their comfort zone.
Utilize your “steady “Eddy’s” in positions where production is key, you can typically rely on these people to produce clear accurate work when provided with clear accurate direction. 

These team members are your foundation to the productivity of the project and should not be neglected. Your steady “Eddies” will progress on their own time, they will wait to see what has been proven and when they are ready and have seen firsthand the proven path they will be ready to move forward.

I’ve spoken previously on team members who are either not read, or willing to move forward, here you have two options; either redirect their knowledge into a position where you still can utilize their depth of knowledge or let them move on where their comfort level is more in line with another company. Reluctance to do this will result in your team working to the lowest denominator. Don’t let someone’s reluctance to move forward inhibit the rest of your team, this will only result in frustration of those wanting to move forward and hold back potential team members from reaching their goals. Ultimately you will lose the key people who are beneficial to your company and you will be left with those who are holding you and the company back.

Do whatever you can to provide encouragement to your team, make resources available for those who want to explore their possibilities, praise and reward your “steady Eddy’s” you may be surprised as to who takes up the challenge and becomes your next Rock Star!