Wednesday 29 July 2015

Another Successful RTCNA

Had a great time at RTCNA again this year.

This was the biggest so far with over 580 people in attendance and such a high level of presenters!

It was great, they had the original founders of Revit up on stage talking about the beginnings of the program, amazing to see how they had such an impact on the industry.

Just got back in the office after spending a couple extra days in DC.
Got to go and sort out all the info from the conference now and reply to dozens of emails!

Thanks to all who attended my session, I'll be updating my handout asap with the feedback from my round table session. 

Thanks to Steve Stafford for introducing me!

 Some souvenirs from RTCNA 2015.

IrisVR announced the release of their new APP...check it out!

I asked people who attended my session to sign my cup.

Great to hang out with old friends (too many to mention), great speakers (again too many to mention here) and meeting new people. Thank you for introducing yourself, I such wonderful comments back from my presentation :-) I hope people enjoyed it and got something out of it.

I also found a David R Chatterton on the Vietnam Wall Memorial, would like to find out more about him...

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