Wednesday 23 July 2014

Creating a Paper Model (rendered)

These are great for presenting your models at an early stage where clients won’t get hung up on colours or materials.

Using a “Paper model” is a great way to highlight the design…

Here’s how:
We are going to use Phases to create the “Paper Model” this way it won’t impact your design process. 

Create a Future Phase called “Paper Model”.

Under the Graphics Overrides Tab set the Material for your “Paper Model” project phase to be Paper. Click Ok to close this dialog box.

Rename your 3D view to “Paper Model” and change the Phase to Paper Model and the Phase Filter to Show All.

When you now render the view either with Ray Trace, Realistic or Rendering all the elements will be overridden to show as Paper.

By setting the view to a fake future phase, the view is considered existing, thus the universal material applies.

You may need to adjust the 3D model to show some elements clearly such as turning off the subcategory for glass under Doors as well as Windows and Curtain Walls.

Here are some images of the before and after as well as Renderings:

Realistic, shadows turned off, Phase = New Construction

Ray Trace, shadows turned on, Phase = Paper Model

Thanks to Daniel Stine for first showing me how to do this. Check out his book on Interior Design and Revit.