Monday 11 February 2013

Revit to Impressions to AutoCAD and back into Revit

Luke Johnson over at "What Revit Wants" recently posted a blog on round tripping Revit to Impressions to AutoCAD and back into Revit.

I believe Impressions is a little known and under utilized  program that is available to many Subscrition members. It's a great program to use and in some instances can replace photoshop completely... it also recognises when changes have been made to a AutoCAD file and can update your Impressions file.

It's another tool for your utility belt !!

Check out Luke's blog on Revit - Impressions - Photoshop - Revit here.

And check out the Impressions web site here. Impressions Community


1 comment:

  1. I think we can use spline command and use grid help to make the epicycloid contour. Using the parametric equation we may count points one by one, and plot the result in autocad along with the display of grid, then use spiline command to follow the path.

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