Monday 4 June 2012

Jumping Revit View aka the Revit Jitterbug!

So I recently got a new Laptop which works great! (thanks John).
In my office I have a lovely 23" monitor which I plug into.
I have loaded Revit 2013 and 2012.

Of course with my laptop my main monitor is the 15" laptop screen and the larger 23" monitor is my secondary screen. I like to have Revit open on the "Big" screen to work on so I drag Revit onto the bigger screen and whenever I open Revit it opens up on the 23".

When I select a component in Revit 2012 my view does a slight "Jitterbug" ... and if the "Press and Drag" icon is checked in Revit whatever you just picked stays where it is while the rest of the screen does this little "Jitterbug" which in affect moves the selected object... quite annoying really!
This doesn't happen in RAC 2013!

So.... after asking around the office to see if anyone has ever came across this issue (as I have never seen this before!) I find out that everyone who has dual monitors here had the same issue.

It was due to the fact that the smaller monitor is set to be the primary monitor and when you set the bigger screen to be primary where Revit will reside it works fine!

I would never have guessed and would have chased my tail thinking it was a graphics issue.!!


  1. This bug has a long, long history:
    link here

  2. Veeeery long history. Glad it's not an issue in 2013...

  3. Ohhhh but it is :/
    Still exists in 2013, which is why im here looking for an answer

  4. Yes it still exists in 2012. Perhaps I don't understand what you mean by "primary monitor". My start button and taskbar are on my larger monitor (the non-laptop one) only and I still get the jumping screen, but only after opening a new project in the same instance of Revit. In other words, if I close a project, keep Revit open, then open another project, the jumping starts. If I completely close Revit before opening another project I have no problems. Any suggestions are welcome...

    1. Hi James, My primary Monitor is the monitor where my start up screen comes up and my Icons reside, when I open an application it opens on that monitor by default.
      Hmmm, the only suggestion I have for your issue would be to see if making your laptop the primary and then see if you get the same results. Another area I find affect video is try turning off the 3D hardware accelerator.

  5. And still exists in 2014 ...

  6. Just had this issue the other day. I found that by deleting my default 3D View ("3D View:{3D - Username}") and creating a new one the problem was resolved. I had noticed that on my broken 3D View the "Eye" and "Target" Camera Positions were completed out of wack! The new camera had the correct elevation numbers.