Friday 2 December 2011

Designing a Roof

Modeling a Roof in Revit is one task that I get the most questions on.

Typically when we use the design tools in Revit we expect to use the one tool to accomplish the task, ie: wall tool to create walls, floor tool to create floors etc... We place objects or use the sketch tool.

When creating a Revit Roof we have multiple option available to us.

Roof by footprint: allows us to sketch the outline of the roof.

Roof by Extrusion: sketching a profile and extruding this profile.

Roof by Face: Creating a Mass and converting a face of the mass to a roof element.

What I typically find is that when we are creating the roof we are relying on one of these tools to create the desired roof when typically we need to use multiple tools or even multiple roofs to create the desired effect.

Don't limit yourself by only using one tool when you can use multiple tools.

You can always use the Join Geometry tool or the Join Roof tool to connect your roof's together.


  1. Hi Scott - Nice tips - although not Revit, Roof Builder for AutoCAD does a pretty nice job on custom roofs as well but tracing the 2d roof plan.

  2. You know I havent used Roof Builder for AutoCAD but I have used the roof tools in AutoCAD Architecture. The ACA tools are nice and easy to use... something RAC can take note of I think ;-)