Monday 12 September 2011

ACAD line weight

I got a great question today from a friend...

Attempting to bring in a standard acad detail drawing into revit. Do not wish to redraw the details. Is there a relationship between the acad color/line weight and revits plot line weights?

Here is what I found...

This is straight from Revit Wiki Help.

When you import a DWG or DXF file, each layer in the file is assigned a line weight based on the pen number-line weight settings. Revit can import pen numbers from a DWG or DXF file and map them to a Revit line weight. You can then save these mappings in a text file, and they become the set mappings for the project.

Revit includes the following files with pen and line weight mappings:
·         importlineweights-dwg-AIA.txt
·         importlineweights-dwg-BS1192.txt
·         importlineweights-dwg-ISO13657.txt
·         importlineweights-dwg-CP83.txt

These files reside in the Data folder of the Revit installation directory.

To set line weights
1.      Click Insert tab Import panel.

The Import Line Weights dialog displays the mappings in the importlineweights-dwg-default.txt file.

2.      If this is not the file that you want to edit, click Load, navigate to the correct mappings file, and open it.

3.      In the dialog, match the appropriate pen to the appropriate line weight (for example: Pen Number 1 to Line Weight Number 1, Pen Number 2 to Line Weight Number 2, and so on). Set as many pen-line weight mappings as desired.

4.      Click OK, or to save the mappings in a new file, click Save As.

However I typically explode the detail and change the lines to Revit lines so I can then export the view to build up my Revit Detail Library.

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