Friday 14 September 2012

Keytips -keys tips to shortcuts

I'm re-posting this earlier post of mine because I have recently re-discovered this nice little feature which helps you remember the short cut commands.

I stumbled across this the other day when I inadvertently hit the Alt key while keying in a Revit command. stoopid keys aren't always where they should be... :-)

Keytips provide a way to access the application menu, the Quick Access toolbar, and the ribbon using the keyboard. To display keytips, press the Alt key.

You can use keytips to navigate through the ribbon. Type the keytip for a ribbon tab to bring that tab into focus and to display the keytips for its buttons and controls. If a ribbon tab has an expanded panel containing additional tools, type its keytip to display the panel and see keytips for those tools.

When you select a keytip, more keytips will be displayed for that tool, for example if I select "H" for the home tab in 2012 it will then show me the shortcuts for the tools on the home tab...



  1. what a futuristisc post!

    -> posted Monday, 24 September, 2012?
    still, great blog!

  2. Alt tips are useful and a standard part of the Microsoft Fluent (Ribbon) User Interface. You should find them in all ribboned apps.

    The previous Menu/Toolbar UI showed the letter shortcut underlined when you hit the alt key