Friday 13 December 2013

Rendering in the Cloud Using Autodesk 360

I have previously blogged on rendering in the Cloud using Autodesk 360 where I discussed the huge difference between your Revit rendering and the Cloud rendering.

Cloud rendering is great because it free's up your Revit workstation and is far quicker rendering in the cloud, unfortunately quite often the results are not quite as expected....however I spoke to a "high level" person from Autodesk while at AU2013 and I was assured that Autodesk is aware of this problem and that they are working on matching the materials as close as possible to the Revit materials.

I understand why the rendered materials are different, the render engines are different from Revit and the Cloud rendering engine thus producing different representations of the same material.

I'm sure glad to hear Autodesk are working on the problem and I'm looking forward to be able to properly utilize the Cloud Rendering feature on Autodesk 360.


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