Wednesday 11 December 2013

Glitchy Objects in your Revit Project

I attended Harlan Brumm's session called "A Crash Course in Handling Large BIM Projects" while at AU last week.

I got a phone call from a colleague the other day who was having an issues with a wall that was not behaving as it should and I remembered one of Harlan's tips which was to cut and paste geometry to same place. (Harlan use to be the technical support manager and now he's Services Design Manager for Autodesk .... he knows his stuff) 

Not sure why but this will quite often it will resolve any "Glitchy" elements in your Revit project.

It reminded me of a few other tips from Harlan's presentation.

  • Create a new view 
  • Cut and Paste geometry to same place 
  • Cut and Paste geometry to new project 
  • Apply a view template (new workflow for 2013) 
  • Check for large coordinates outside 20 mile “box” 
  • Save a project copy with worksets disabled 
Try these next time you've got a element that wont play fair.


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