Sunday 8 December 2013

AU Summary

Well Autodesk University 2013 is over for another year.
Apparently it was a record setter for attendance, over 9,000 people registered to attend AU this year, and I'm sure with the support staff and accompanying guests it probably topped well over 10,000.

AU 2013 had it's highs and lows, I typically enjoy the keynote addresses especially the opening addresses. This years was a little "underwhelming". Wasn't too sure about the them "outside", I understand the principle of the theme but I found it funny since we rarely went "outside", it's ironic that you never leave the hotel for three days! 

Overall it was pretty good.
I got to catch up with some great people and it's a fantastic networking opportunity.

I also got the scoop on some great software an also what Autodesk is working on for next year, stay tuned...

I now have a whole bunch of work to do! 
I've got to catch up on what's going on back in the office (CEI) and also summaries my thoughts and ideas from AU and see what's viable for integration into our office. I've got some great ideas but I need to clarify them, sort them and then see what's worth chasing and what needs to go no the back burner for possible use latter!

Met some great people at AU that I need to follow up with, my good friend Bruce is great at introducing me to key people that he knows, I appreciate that and I hope I lead by example and connect my colleagues.

Caught up with some great people as well, there is a wealth of talent out there and it's great to see their enthusiasm for the industry pay off for them.

Well, I've submitted my speaker proposals for RTC, I'll submit speaker proposals for AU and CSRW when it's time. I've been working on some great presentation on BIM Management and efficiency on the BIM process for a BIM enabled office and I hope to get the opportunity to share my knowledge.

Till AU 2014!


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