Wednesday 18 December 2013

Preparing your CAD file for Linking or Importing into your Revit Project

Follow these steps when you receive a consultants drawing for import or link into your Revit project.
  • Copy the file and place the original in the appropriate folder for archiving.

  • Place a copy of the file in a BIM Links or CAD Links folder.

Tip: You can easily manage multiple files by sorting them in folders according to their source.
  • Open the copied version of the received CAD file.
Here you will want to strip the CAD drawing of any miscellaneous information such as linework, blocks, title blocks, survey spot points, trees etc.

  • Purge and Audit the file before saving and closing the file.

The goal is to have clean CAD geometry and only show the information that we need.
For example when receiving a Civil 3D file for use to create out surface strip everything out with the exception of contour lines and the property lines.

After you have cleaned up the CAD file, purged and Audited and then saved the file it is now ready to be imported or linked into your Revit project.

Following these processes will provide you with a smaller file size and cleaner CAD geometry to use which can help in the stability of your Revit Project.



  1. Also, make sure that not only are the graphics relatively close to the Origin, but also the AutoCAD Base Point (command BASE) is set to 0,0,0

  2. Coordinate base points are very importat, as Dave said. Specially in large project. Also Real North and project North.

  3. CAD file cleaning procedure was unable to understand.Please give step by step procedure.
    Thanks and regards
    CAD Drawings