Wednesday 4 December 2013

Another great Day at AU

Had a great day yesterday and this morning here at AU2013

I was able to catch up with Harlan Brumm who is now the "Service Design Manager Customer Service and Support" who had a great presentation this morning called "Crash course on handling a large BIM project". He's moderating another round table discussion latter today I'll be going to as well.

Harlan's a great guy, always answers question from the group of people who want to speak with him after the session.
Me and Harlan. (Selfie)
Harlans Presentation

Caught up with David Light last night at the Case "Hackathon". Found out that David now works for Autodesk as the "Solutions Executive, Autodesk Consulting". congrats on the new role David. 
Sorry about the lousy photo... !
Me and David Light (Selfie in the dark "sorry")
Some pretty cool things going on at "Case"  I'll blog about when I get some more information.

Mentoring at the Freshman Orientation

Gathering some great information I'll be able to blog about soon I hope...I have to be careful though, maybe wait until it's officially announced from Autodesk before blogging about it. ;-)
Got some great content for the Quality Control documents I'm working on at CEI as well. Looking forward to sharing that with my QC colleagues.

After attending the BIM round table yesterday with a lot of other BIM Managers i'ts good to know that I'm on the right track with the BIM Management and seem to be ahead of the game with where were at in regards to how were set up at CEI which is great!


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