Monday 30 July 2012

Updating the Family Thumbnail

So I ran into an unusual problem the other day where my Revit Family did not match the thumbnail image.... In this case the window family had multiple mullions which the thumbnail did not show, in fact the preview showed the original family of which I copied to create the new family with multiple mullions!

After mulling this over and searching the web for a solution I submitted a case to Autodesk and as usual the Autodesk support team (in this case it was Lance Coffey who has also helped me out in the past) promptly replied with the answer.

So here's what you need to do if your family "thumbnail" icon dose not match your family (direct from Autodesk support!):

1. Open the family file.

2. Save the file to a new name, and click Options on the Save As dialog window.
(Actually I just overwrote the original file and it worked fine)

3. Select the Source view that you want to use for the thumbnail preview, and check the "Regenerate if view/sheet is not up-to-date" box.
(This is the important part!)

4. Save the file, and check if the thumbnail is updated.




  1. Am I suppose to do this for all family types? Because, When I want to load components, I can't see the general Preview of all the Components in the folder, I have to individually click on the components to preview individually.

    1. Unfortunately if the preview doesn't show up then yes you'll have to do it for each one.