Thursday 12 July 2012

Advise on Solving your Revit Issues and Problems

While at RTC North America I attended a session called "Inside Support" by Autodesk's Harlan Brumm.

Some advice that I took away from that session was on problem solving which can be applied to any problem not only your Revit issues.

  • "Splitting Problems" is basically where you split the problem in half and try to solve the issue. By breaking it down into smaller issues that you can deal with or by delegating parts of the issue to others allow you to be able to deal with it easier.

  • Think outside the box when it comes to looking where the problem is, for example is it related to a driver update issue, conflicting add-in's, visibility graphics etc..

  • Try to replicate the problem either in a blank file or on another computer, this will help you filter out possible problems.

  • Roll back the project by looking at the back-up files to see where and when the problem originated. 

You can apply this to solving problems with Revit Families, Projects that are crashing or causing errors, families that are broken, network and Central file problems that you may be experiencing.

Sometimes we neglect to ask the obvious question like, is it hidden in view, or, are you in the right view... but more often than not it'll be the simple things so dont be afraid to as the "Stoopid" Questions.
Great advise, thanks Harlan...


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