Thursday 5 July 2012

AutoCAD, Revit and WAY too much Coffee!

So put the word out at work that I'm looking for guest bloggers, thought I'd give some of the people here a avenue to express their thoughts etc... low and behold! I get a response that there is someone else blogging....

Cafe Jabbaccino is written by one of our Revit AT's in Victoria BC (Lovely Spot).

Here's a link to one of her earlier posts reflecting on the transition from AutoCAD to Revit... here is a snipet of her Blog, click the link to read more and also to see the "Creative" cartoon references...


At work, I sit at my desk and draw all day. No, I'm serious - that's my job! I work in architecture/interior design. It's a sweet job and I love it.

There is new and exciting software that is taking over computer drafting.
AutoCAD is the old dinosaur and Revit is the new sweetness. I've been using Revit for more than three years now. If it's possible that a person can develop a crush on a computer program, I've got one.

When you draw in Revit everything is in 3D. If you draw a "wall" - well, it's a WALL!! It will draw a wall that is made out of 2 1/2" steel studs and it has drywall on both sides and is 2 metres high...etc. When you draw a (so-called) "wall" in AutoCAD it's literally a 2D line that means nothing, a stick.....well, okay it's like this:.... click to read more...

Right on Jabba! Anytime you want to guest blog for the Jedi let me know!!


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