Wednesday 4 July 2012

Revit Technology Conference - Wow


Wow what a conference, got back from the North America RTC a couple days ago and I'm back in the office trying to digest and sort out all the information that I gathered while attending.

What a very well run conference, congratulations to everyone on the RTC committee... great job.

I'll be posting some of the highlights and information that I gathered from RTC in my upcoming blogs... What an opportunity to connect and network with people who are really passionate about Revit and sharing their knowledge.

Some people of note:

Bruce McCallum's presentation on "Deploying Revit Server 2013". We will be deploying Revit Server pretty soon and this was some valuable information... I'll be blogging on our experience with deploying Revit Server so keep posted....

Harlum Brum's session on "Inside Support" explains how Autodesk support works and gave us insight on how to be effective with our own Revit support.....also a really nice guy.

I (finally) got to meet one of my blogging hero's David Light, but I missed meeting Jeffrey Pinheiro.!.. maybe next year Jeff aka The Revit Kid.

I first attended Brian Anderson's session at AU a couple years ago and found his session on BIM Management to be invaluable, I caught up with him at RTC. He's such a great presenter and loves sharing his knowledge of BIM Management.

Steve Shell is an Architect from Arizona whom I've seen at AU a number of times, he's quite a character and is one of those guys who I find a little intimidating to meet.... he's just has such a large personality.! anyway I made a point to meet him to tell him how much I enjoyed his session... He is such a humble guy!!

Marcello Sgambelluri showed us his Revit Cow and Elephant, amazing stuff! I was amazed at how the Revit tools can be used in such unique ways.... I'll expand more in future postings...

These are just a few of the high level presenters that I had the opportunity to meet at RTC... there were so many more but I don't have enough pages to thank them all! 

One thing that I found in common with all these presenters is that they are all so passionate about Revit and the industry and love to share their knowledge with anyone and everyone from the largest company to the those just learning Revit..

Well done guys, I hope I have the opportunity to attend your sessions again at future RTC's and AU's!

If you ever have a opportunity to see one of these guys present at either AU or RTC's well worth can learn so much from these guys.


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