Thursday 26 July 2012

Revit for Interior Design

So I've been looking into using Revit more for Interior Design.

I have attended a number of session both at AU and RTC on using Revit for Interior design, I have also had the opportunity to teach Revit to a group of Interior Design Students a couple years ago and got some great feedback on how they will use Revit for Interior Design.

So I plan on incorporating Interior Design into our Revit work flow more than it currently is.

Some resources that Ive collected from Autodesk University over the years are:

Inside Revit by Amber White and Jacqueline Pollock
Their session looked at design phases, custom parameters, details etc...
Great handout that goes into detail.

BIMteriors by John R. Ade
This session looked at Commercial Interior Design and looks at space planning, area analysis, presentations and construction documentation.
Another great handout that goes into detail.

Make a Strong Finish and Revit Inside both by Paul Aubin
Paul is a great presenter and writer, actually his handouts are novellas!
He puts a great deal of effort in both his presentations and handouts and are well worth hunting down on the AU web site...

And lastly I had the opportunity to meet Daniel Stine while attending RTC NA 2012.
Daniel has also written a book called Interior Design Using Autodesk Revit Architecture 2013 (which I have pre-ordered).
Check it out!

A selection of reading of which I'll be able to pull ideas and methods to implement into our Revit Interior Design Work flow... ;-)



  1. Great post, right to the point. I’ve also noticed new addons and plug-ins that have recently been created. I’m particularly interested in this 3D PDF file(s) involved with Revit.

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