Monday 9 March 2015

Project Retrospectives: Part 1

After every project we try to have a project retrospective meeting to ask ourselves what went well and what can we improve upon.

Here are some tips for developing your own Project Retrospective Guide which can help review the successes and failures of a project so you can learn from your efforts. 

Sharing your results from the project retrospective with your team can help future teams learn from the successful strategies and avoid the pitfalls you may have overcome, I thoroughly recommend that if you are not currently reviewing your projects upon completion that you do so, it will help you not to repeat past mistakes and allow you to take away lessons learnt from each project. 

The following blog postings are a series on how to run a Project Retrospective meeting.

Who should use the Project Retrospective?
This process is recommended for Project Managers. It is recommended that all members of the team participate in the Project Retrospective and include the Partner in charge of the project as well as your BIM Manager and/or Production Manager.

When should we use the Project Retrospective?
It is recommended that the Project Retrospective be undertaken at the end of a project and include all stages from conceptual design to contract administration, it is crucial that all participants can have input of their experience. A Project Retrospective may be undertaken at any time during the project as a tool to check the current status of a project and to identify possible issues and develop solutions to keep the project profitable. Periodic Project Retrospectives may be completed at project milestones and summarized at the end of project Retrospective meeting.

A Project Retrospective should only take about a hour and can offer insight into project participation and provide a guide for future teams. Using this approach frequently will contribute to a culture of continually improving project delivery and profitability by understanding and solving issues that may arise during a project.

Part 2:
Conducting a Project Retrospective Meeting. The task of the facilitator is to guide the team through the review of the project.

Facilitator approach. At the start of the meeting the facilitator should start by reminding the team of the purpose of the meeting......


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