Monday 23 March 2015

Project Retrospective: Part 3

Continuation of Project Retrospective: Part 2

Discussion techniques may include:
  • Asking each participant to identify their own issues and discuss their impact and what solution they see would resolve the issue
  • Drilling further into the process or resources behind each event.
  • Simply ask “what went well and what didn’t”.
  • Ask what had the greatest impact on the success of the project.
  • Ask participants to be specific about topics and avoid generalization.
  • Focus on solutions.
Suggested Project Retrospective Questions:
  • Did we have the right team?
  • Did the team work well together?
  • Were the external consultants/client cooperative?
  • Were there clear and measurable project milestones/goals that everyone understood and worked towards?
  • Was the appropriate technology used on this project? Outside resources such as point cloud, civil survey, photography etc.
  • Ask the “What” questions:
    • What can be improved and how?
    • What could we have done better?
    • What would you do differently next time?
It is important that the participants focus on what information can be utilized from the recent project process with the intent in making the process better for the next project, hence full participation by all team members is encouraged.

The facilitator should review with the team their notes at the end of the session where corrections can be made and to verify that the notes are correct.
Part 4: After Project Review

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