Monday 24 June 2013

Visibility Graphics of Linked Mechanical Model

Since Revit MEP 2012 Mechanical engineers have been using “Systems” to develop their Revit models. These ‘Systems” have impacted how we can manipulate the graphics when linking into the Architectural model.

Here is how we can change the MEP model when linking it into our Architectural model.

Here is what the MEP model looks like when linked into the Architectural model.

  3D view in hidden line.

Open the Visibility Graphics dialog box (VV or VG).
Go to the Filters tab and add a new filter, create a new Filter called Mechanical.
In my template I already have a Mechanical filter created.

Modify the colour of the Projection/Surface Lines and the Cut Lines to black.
Also check the halftone box, this will change the mechanical components to halftone making it easier to distinguish the Architectural and Mechanical models on the printed drawings.

You model should now look like this….

By using Filters to control the visibility of the linked file every time we update the link the filters will apply.



  1. Thanks for the tip! Standard Visibility Graphics overrides for Revit Links were not pushing through to the linked models in the views,. But somehow the filter works. Figures!

  2. So how did you create the view filter? I'm having difficulty setting one up to isolate my linked mechanical model.

  3. This appears to have changed in 2016 and unfortunately does not seem to work. Have you come across an alternative approach?

    1. I take that back, it did work with one mechanical model, but not another? Are you aware of any reasons why a workset filter would not work?