Wednesday 5 June 2013

SiteWorks and LandCad

Have you ever looked at EaglePoint tools for site development for Revit?

We bought a license or Siteworks and LandCad years ago to work on a specific project where we had a Revit model that had a lot of development and it worked great.... have since forgot about it till recently where we will use it again on a highly developed Revit site.

Ever had to develop a Revit site model with roads, landscaping, manipulate the grade'll know how time consuming it can be...Siteworks make it sooo much easier!

Check it out, it'll be worth it...

I'm going to develop internal training on the tool since we have a network license of the program, and will probably buy a few more licenses once everyone is familiar with how to use it. I expect once they see it it'll be quite popular in the offices.


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