Saturday 29 June 2013

Autodesk University...a repeat of last year?

Ok, here is another RANT!!

Once again I was declined for my proposed session(s) at Autodesk University...
And yes even though I'm disappointed that my session wasn't accepted I understand why....simple numbers, 600 sessions 2000 + submissions!. What are the odds of not getting selected year after year??

BUT ! I take exception to the email I received from Autodesk telling me my session was declined.

We used several criteria when choosing speakers and topics - primarily conference experience, evaluations of presenters from past Autodesk University conferences, and proposed topics. Due to the large number of high quality proposals, we even had to disappoint some speakers who had excellent scores from previous AU conferences. 

Selecting past presenters over and over and over again is making AU a little stale... correction... very stale.

I understand they want to guarantee that the speakers are good, but if you want to keep it fresh you've got to mix it up some, even if that means giving new speakers opportunities. 
And speakers with unique topics... developing area's of how the software is being used as well as processes using multiple software... not to mention BIM Management !

Aghhh.... anyway, as I mentioned, I'm disappointed .. 
Not sure how many more AU's I'll be attending, it's getting tough to find high level sessions... Which is why I really enjoy RTC...which unfortunately I wont be able to attend this year   :-(

So if you do want to attend a conference with unique sessions come and visit my at this years Central States Revit Workshop (CSRW) in August.

And if you cant make it to CSRW... we'll, I guess I'll see you at RTC in 2014 or at AU latter this year... but maybe not next year... unless my session get's accepted?!    ;-)



  1. Scott,
    Just a little curious...what was your topic? I too have been in the situation of submitting classes only to see them not make the cut.
    This year it looks like one made it through, so I'll be going. That being said I'm already preparing for the next opportunity to "help" out our fellow CAD / BIM users

    1. Well done Milt. I'm glad to hear you got a session, are you just doing the one session or multiple?
      I submitted a couple mainly to do with BIM Management.
      Will see you there..

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