Wednesday 19 June 2013

Poche or Pooch?

This has been bugging me for ages.... firstly I didnt understand how to pronounce Poche and secondly it seemed like an unlikely word for what it is!!

I finally had to look it up on
Here is their definition...


the walls, columns, and other solids of a building or the like, as indicated on an architectural plan, usually in black.

Origin: French, past participle of pocher to make a rough sketch.

Anyway.... the reason I finally had to look it up was that I came across an issue where the "Poche" wasn't showing up in my Revit section views... as it was the issue I was having wasn't related at all...

So just to recap... the Poche base......

"For 3D views, specify the material applied to elements that are cut by a section box in coarse-scale views. Click in the Value column, click , and select a material.
In medium and fine views, the elements that are cut by a section box display the layered structure of the host.
For example, the following image shows a 3D view cut by a section box at a fine level of detail. Elements (wall, building pad, toposurface) cut by the section box show the structure or cut material."


Oh... one more thing to add...
Here's a picture of my pooch..


  1. As I learned from Steven Shell AU class, AB4267, the "poche" work consisted on adding colour on the back of a drawing sheet to highlight some areas or simply to color-fill 'em. An old hand drafter told me the same.
    Really enjoy your blog, keep going!

    cheers from Italy

    1. Thanks Marco. Steve's classes are great aren't they.
      He's also presenting this August at the Central States Revit Workshop in Omaha. I hope to sit in on his session again.
      Might be a long way for you to travel though ;-)