Thursday 21 February 2013

To Revit or not to Revit...again... but updated.

So I sent a Blog out earlier today.... and then retracted it after reading this update from Revitforum:

We're happy to announce that Autodesk is now calling the whole domain dispute "completely unintended", and that it seems like they'll let us keep the domain as there appears to be nominative fair use. Common sense prevails!

We will however, have to add some minor disclaimers and tradegraphs to the forum, to fully comply with Autodesk’s trademark use guidelines. We'll be cooperating with the law firm over the next few days to ensure that it's done correctly.

You can read the reply letter from the law firm here:

Thank you to all our members, and thank you Autodesk for doing the right thing.

But after thinking about it I thought I'll post it anyways...I'm glad this has been resolved quickly... Here is a re-posting of the Blog from earlier today.

Well this is interesting.... I just read a message from my LinkedIn group "Revit Forum"...
Here is an excerpt...
As some of you may be aware, Autodesk, Inc., makers of Revit, have retained the law firm of Donahue Gallagher Woods to notify all domain holders that have the word REVIT contained in their top-level domain name, that they are infringing on the Autodesk REVIT trademark. They have requested that we change the domain name of to one that doesn't contain the the word REVIT.
We refute these claims of infringement. The use of the trademark "REVIT" in the domain name "" is protected by the "Nominative Fair Use" legal doctrine that provides an affirmative defense to trademark infringement as enunciated by the United States Ninth Circuit, by which a person may use the trademark of another as reference to describe the product.

So what the H#$$ is Autodesk doing?

If my global company had a product that others were willing to promote for me I'd be happy! 
I would want to be seen as a supporter of promoters of my product and give some leeway to those who are incorporating the product name into their marketing.

What's next? Revit user groups? Revit Blogs? Online support groups?
User groups, Blogs and the Revit Forum are the main source for tips, technical support and a general "community" approach for those using this software.

Is this going to have a trickle down effect? Are brand specific car club enthusiasts now going to have to rename their club to "Generic Japanese 4WD sport car" club?

Autodesk should support and encourage Revit Groups, Blogs and Online forums, even if this means that occasionally the product gets attacked or criticized.  This is how they make their product better, in fact that's how any of us get better by being exposed to our faults. 

I sincerely hope Autodesk reconsiders this legal approach as it could seriously damage their image. 

Maybe someone at Autodesk can explain their approach, I'd be interested in hearing why they are doing this and I'd post their explanation. Maybe it would make sense? 
Either way I'm willing to listed if their willing to explain.

So is Autodesk going to approach me and ask me to change the name of my Blog? 
Maybe I should be called Archi Jedi, or MicroStation Jedi? BIM Jedi sounds good! 
I do like Bim Buddha....


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