Friday 15 February 2013

Happy Nirvarna Day

February 15th is Nirvana Day!!
No it doesn't have anything to do with the band Nirvana and Kurt Cobain.

February 15th commemorates the death of the Buddha (Historical Buddha) and his entry into Nirvana.

Why, you ask, am I telling you this!

Well, many believe that the "Jedi Way" is, in part, taken from Buddhism (among other philosophy's).

When we teach, learn or work with people we may feel frustrated leading to anger. This is because we may be impatient or frustrated in trying to express our ideas or instruction. 

Quite often we do not realize that what we are saying is being interpreted by other people completely different to how we perceive our ideas are being expressed.... maybe I'm doing it right now! 

Anyway what I'm getting at is when you feel you blood pressure starting to rise take a deep breath, and put yourself in the other persons shoes. This will open your eyes on the situation and allow you to be able to resolve, or work through the "perceived" issue with a greater amount of clarity to you thoughts.

Be a BIM Buddha!

"Namo Amitofo"  Yoda.

If you wish to learn more about Jedi Philosophy check out this link to "Yes and Other Answers".


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