Wednesday 6 February 2013

Shaft Opening Symbolic Lines

Here’s a little tip I just discovered with the help of a couple colleagues.

Did you know that when you create a shaft opening you can also include symbolic lines that will show the extent of the shaft opening in all views…?

Here’s how.

Start your Shaft Opening tool.

After you have sketching the outline of your shaft using Boundary lines you also have a tool to draw the Symbolic Lines, you can use the symbolic lines to indicate the extense of the shaft opening.

When using Symbolic lines you also have the option to choose the Line Style.

                                                         Sketching the shaft 

                                                             End result 
                                  (as shown on every level the shaft is shown)


  1. in Revit 2013 these symbolic lines are model lines when in previous versions they were Detail lines. Model Lines appear even in Site view which is unacceptable, i tried to convert them but couldn't, please advise.

    1. I just created a shaft opening and drew in the symbolic lines as outlined above and they were not Model lines. Are you creating the shaft in a plan, level view? not a 3D view?
      Not sure why yours would be model lines..?

    2. As far as I know, the lines are Symbolic lines, which are different from Detail lines or Model lines. Symbolic lines show up "on top" whenever a view's view range includes any portion of the shaft (even if it's not being cut). In order to not have them show in a roof or site plan, I'd turn off the shaft category.

  2. It's right, symbolic lines drawn inside a shaft are acting like Model Lines in Revit 2013, they appear in All Views including the Site View, when in previous version of Revit they were a Detail Lines "View Specific" we didn't need to turn off shaft category to resolve the problem. is there any way to convert them to Detail Lines? taking into consideration I tried the Command "convert Model Lines" it didn't work in this case.

  3. can text be added on top of the symbolic lines eg. Lift Shaft