Monday 4 February 2013

Colour Coordination Views

We can use colour to help us coordinate disciplines in our project using Filters.
Here’s how it's done.

 Above is an example of a typical reflected ceiling plan view with no Filters applied.

Note that Mechanical is typically coloured as they use different colours to indicate flow direction etc. However you’ll notice that multiple colours are used for the mechanical model, this can get confusing when trying to decipher each discipline.

So, using filters we can assign each discipline a colour making it easier to see clashes between each consultants model, as shown below.

 First we create a filter for each discipline.

·         Visibility Graphics, Filters Tab.
      Select the Add tool and create filters for each discipline selecting the relevant Categories applicable to the discipline.

·      Once you have created the Filter you need to then assign a colour to the line types of each filter.

Once you have created these filters you should then save the view as a View Template so you can then assign the View Properties to Duplicated Views called Colour Coordination Views.

Here is an example of applying the filter to a Sectional view.
In this case there are no overrides for the Interior model and the Structural filter override is set to blue.

See how clearly each disciplines model is displayed making it easier for you to coordinate and verify.


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