Friday 22 June 2012

RTC Conference - Here I come!

So I'm off to the Revit Technology Conference (North America) next  week.

I'm looking forward to this conference for a number of reasons...
This will be the first time for the RTC, I typically attend Autodesk University every year but I'm hoping that this will be more of a condensed higher level of Revit instruction that we typically get at AU.

Autodesk University will typically attract between 14,000 and 16,000 people and cover a huge range of Autodesk products whereas RTC will maybe have 1,000 people attend and the focus is on Revit..

The slate of presenters is pretty impressive, people like David Light, Paul Aubin, Jeffrey Pinheiro, Harlun Brumm to name a few. If you follow any of the popular Revit Blogs you'll recognise these names.

Besides the awesome networking opportunity I'll also be able to catch up with some long time friends which I'm looking forward too.

So, keep posted. I'll be taking lots of notes and passing along some great information in my next series of Blogs.....


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